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For over 20 years, we've been providing a safe, fun environment to hone your shooting skills.


Indoor Range Information

· 8 separated firing lanes. 

· 25 yard maximum lane length. 

· Electric target retrievers. 

· Heated and air conditioned. 

* No ammunition with a velocity of greater than 2000fps allowed. 
* No armor piercing, explosive, incendiary, steel core, or tracer ammunition allowed. 

We also have a comfortable lounge where you and friends can relax while visiting the range. 

We do not allow ANY ammunition that attracts a magnet. This commonly includes Tula, Wolf, Brown Bear, and Monarch Steel. This is not a complete list. All ammunition brought in will be tested before we allow it onto our range. 


Our range is avaialble for private rentals! A pistol or sub-machine gun shoot makes a memorable "team building" exercise or social event for your clients. For more information call or email the range.


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Sturms Indoor Gun Range
511 Old Wire Road

Springdale, AR 72764

Phone: +1 479 927-2244+1 479 927-2244

E-mail: sales@sturmsrange.com

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